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    Blank Text Messages

    So I have one friend that I text regularly and she has T-Mobile, I have Verizon. Once in a while she'll send me a text and it'll appear to be blank, and she'll tell me that she had said something in it, so she'll have to repeat what she had just sent.

    We thought it had something to do with her phone, just because it was kind of older.. but then she got a new phone (in fact we both got new phones) and it still happens.

    Does anyone else encounter this problem? I tried to Google this problem and only found out about an outage that happened with this same problem about 2 years ago.

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    I'd tell her to ask TMo if this is a known issue.

    I occasionally get blank texts from my AT&T friends, but if I back out of Handcent and go back in it offers to let me download the text.
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    Re: Blank Text Messages

    Graf the same problem. They are push notifications and probably show up in the notification bar. The play store has several apps to stop them. Chances are an installed app for out. Try AirPush Detector or Add-ons Detector.

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