spodoc, I had a similar situation with them a few years ago.
I bought more than one. They were adamant that I couldn't do it.
I got home and they had the wrong numbers in each phone. They were wrong from their strong stand but still not what I wanted.
I called Verizon 800.

They told me I had bought them at a Verizon Re-seller not an official Verizon store and their answer was incorrect. The stores look alike. I've watch carefully ever sense. There is a one inch sticker on the glass entry door is all I can see outwardly. At one time it was clear on the Verizon web site but they've taken that page down.

Anyway they sent me to the Verizon web site to setup each line as I wished. Although I still had to open the box. It was a Christmas gift like yours.

I've had investment conversations with my kids about the idea of only investing in companies you like. Well some with good service and good products still don't work out. And some with terrible customer service may still be run financially well. I put Verizon in the second category.
Retail and Restaurants, fast food and sit down can also not be great investments even though you love the place.
Ok enough of that.

Hope they love the phone.