I get an email every day with one or more free software downloads available for the day. They have free apps for a day as well on the site, not in the email I get.
I use an junk email address for many things and i get this one in that account.
The software is generally free with a password to open run it. It cannot be loaded after that day. The free version comes without support. Some are test, some are the version being replaced and some are just junk. From the years of following you guys, I'm sure you'll know what's good for you and not. They have recently had some that are good for only a timed period.
Each day the software of the day has a comment area. I wait to see how it went for others, especially if it is test software. Sometimes that comment area will have someone list a bunch of better free solutions.
I get it daily and try a couple a year to give you an idea of my use. I have a couple that I have used for a long time get the upgrades this way when they come out as well.
Anyway thought you might like to look at the site. Subscribe to the email if you like. I have no connection.