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Thread: LiFi: Connect to the internet via a lightbulb?

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    LiFi: Connect to the internet via a lightbulb?

    Harald Haas has truly brought the internet and wireless streaming into the 21st century by creating a system that uses an off the shelf led light bulb and solar panel, to transmit data via light. Harald Haas A breakthrough new kind of wireless i…:

    An article from Digital Trends explains:
    The inventor of light-based ‘Li-Fi’ Internet has completed the first working prototype

    Back in 2011, during a TED Talk in Scotland, professor Harald Haas introduced a revolutionary idea to the world: what if a wireless Internet system could run on nothing but an LED lightbulb? Back then, this “Li-Fi” concept was just a cool idea, but now, roughly four years later, professor Haas is back with a working prototype. If this invention catches on, all you’ll need is a lightbulb and a solar cell to get online in the not-so-distant future.

    Through a collaboration between the University of Edinburgh’s Li-FI R&D Centre and a university offshoot company called pureLiFi Ltd, the past four years have brought light-powered Internet connectivity out of the theoretical stage and into a tangible Li-Fi router. The real-world applications for Li-Fi connectivity could revolutionize the way much of the world gets online. The R&D team bringing Li-Fi to the real world expects that solar homes, consumer gadgets, and Internet of things devices will all be able to absorb power and receive data simultaneously with a Li-Fi system in place.
    The Li-Fi prototype relies on solar energy to power Internet connections so that an LED light source paired with a solar panel becomes a fully functional transmitter and receiver system for high speed, secure data transfer. Instead of relying on hardwired cables or radio waves that are easily interrupted, Li-Fi uses the nearly undetectable flicker of an LED light to transmit data.
    Li-Fi is much faster than most standard Wi-Fi connections, and, perhaps most importantly, provides a connection that is significantly more secure. Because Li-Fi relies on light to transmit data, you have to be in the room with your device and the Li-Fi router in order to get connected. That would preclude strangers or literal outsiders from piggy-backing on your connection or eavesdropping on your online activity.

    digital-trends By Chloe Olewitz Nov 13, 2015 5:41 AM

    S5 tap'n

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    That sounds cool!!

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