Not sure whats gone wrong, I used to be a able to connect my S3 to my Viofo A119 dashcam and play the videos nice and smoothly on VLC or MX player. For no apparent reason when I attempt to play one in either VLC or MX Player the video freezes, or plays in very slow or stutters; audio seems to work though. I also have ES video (Which doesn't want to play them at all and wants to use Chromecast online)

Not sure which app it was but I did see a popup about a Hardware Acceleration error and the app was reverting to another setting. I have uninstalled VLC then re-installed it but no change. I cannot see any reference to Hardware Acceleration in either App or in a phone setting. All video recordings play fine on the PC using VLC.

Any suggestions as to what may be the problem, and how to fix it?