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    Voicemail Icon Won't Go Away

    My phone indicated I had a v/mail message yet I positively confirmed I do not. Now the little icon in the top left corner won't go away. The only way to make it disappear is to go into application manager and do a force stop on the phone app. But if I ever have to power off/on the phone, the icon re-appears. I've tried leaving myself a v/mail message and then deleting that message but it doesn't clear the icon off the screen. Any known solutions that actually work?



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    Re: Voicemail Icon Won't Go Away

    Have you tried rebooting the phone?

    Edit: I see you did, I would call your service provider then. It could be something on their end.
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    Re: Voicemail Icon Won't Go Away

    Are you possibly using an alt app like Google Voice for voicemail? That can leave you with two inboxes with one in limbo in the carrier VM for example.

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    You may also try calling your cell from another phone and leave a message. From your phone listen to the message and when finished delete it. This has been know to clear the VM count.
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