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    How to operate & retrieve data from dropped S3, cracked and blackened screen?

    By way of helping and seeking help, I thought to post this here too:

    Quote Originally Posted by jelmer85 View Post
    Thanks for notifying me.
    I managed however to get all the files I needed simply by using Samsung's KIES software and by the USB data transfer: I got all contacts and pictures, that was all I needed really. Additional stuff I could also get via USB mass storage transfer.

    Good luck to all!
    This actually worked for me too -- on my dropped, cracked & blackened S3 screen. (I really wish they still made them so its easy to attach a $2 wrist loop to them--could have easily saved my device from dropping. I mean they are really expensive, somewhat delicate items that, in my life, anyway, are in constant use. Currently I have a $35 flip cover case, but atm considering a bump case to cushion if dropped.)

    Now, I'm trying to get everything I am able to off it before 15 days lapse as that is when I must return it to insurance since my new device was shipped out overnight for a deductible of $100. (A great response, imo.)

    Two residual problems now:

    [1]the alarms keep going off (I have many with 3 or more snooze options on them) and I am unable to shut them down. I am trying to figure out how to delete the app from the phone via Google.

    [2]I am also trying to figure out how to wipe the phone before I return it to insurance. Any suggestions, pls?

    Any ideas -- time is short!! Lol!!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to the forum! Please refrain from posting the same question multiple times. Your duplicate posts have been deleted.

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    If I were in that situation I'd start by plugging to the PC & grabbing what data I could. Keep in mind a lot of information is probably backed up to Google's cloud storage already. Then probably look into doing a factory reset via adb. A quick Google search turns this up on Stackoverflow--I love that site): android - Wipe data/Factory reset through ADB - Stack Overflow

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    Welcome to the forum IC.
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