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    Rooting the SCH-R530U (U.S. Cellular)

    Hi, I have the S3 through U.S. Cellular, and I have decided to root it to get rid of all of the bloatware apps that come with it. Obviously there is a wealth of information all over the net on how to root S3's. However, from what I gathered, every root program is carrier-specific, and I wasn't able to find anything on how to root U.S. Cellular's GS3. I tried searching the forum, but, nothing. Anyone have any info on this?

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    Re: Rooting the SCH-R530U (U.S. Cellular)

    I believe you're our first US Cellular S3 user on this particular forum. (at least one that had asked about rooting)
    The information you need is located in our "hacking & mods" section. Here's a direct link to the website that will walk you through the root process for your model.
    Good luck!


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