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    Data usage issue

    Recently i am facing an issue with data usage meter in my galaxy S3 under settings... It worked fine for 2-3 days and reached 175mb on gprs connection.. But now it has started coming down. As of today after 1 week usage its now at 113mb .. is this some bug??? I really needed this feature to monitor my usage but not its behaving in this unreliable way :..... any inputs??


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    Do you have it set up correctly? What day does your data start counting on?

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    I use a data counter called Onavo, it keeps you up to date with whats going on and allows you to put certain apps on "wi-fi" only usage so they arent sucking your data. Also tells you which apps are data offensive when you download them

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    Are there any other apps you could try to see if they worked better?
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