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  1. Checking if phone is G3 or G4
  2. Info on transferring text files from computer to phone
  3. Samsung Galaxy S3 became working slow
  4. A little help for a newbie please
  5. Using a music file as my ringtone Galaxy S3
  6. Galaxy S3 Ringtone Slider Random Pop-Up Problem
  7. Back in service
  8. Keeping it in the family
  9. Changing motherboard and software
  10. Effective solution to wipe the Android data permanently
  11. Is there a limit to how many contacts my Samsung phone holds?
  12. Decrypting External SC Card on Galaxy S3
  13. SD card compatibility
  14. Galaxy S3 stopped working unexpectedly, now only works when plugged in
  15. Phone screen won't turn off while charging
  16. Stuck on startup - Google Account Manager has stopped
  17. Unlock code not working in Galaxy S3 Android 4.4.2
  18. How to confirm active wifi
  19. Playing song from sd card
  20. talk about root
  21. Transferring Data - Faulty USB port
  22. Old S3 transfer data to new S7
  23. galaxy s3 modal
  24. free music apps for android
  25. Screen Mirroring
  26. SD & Battery swap
  27. Keytones disappeared
  28. Verizon Unlimited Data Plan Price increase
  29. Samsung galaxy s3 update
  30. Hotspot problem
  31. uploading photos
  32. 3 Years Ago Today
  33. Hi all!
  34. Galaxy S3 makes "Bubble Noise" for no apparent reason.
  35. almost time to upgrade - question and disappointed in Samsung
  36. Any way to restore bluetooth tethering on a rooted Galaxy S 8.4 (4.4.2)
  37. Not hearing phone caller
  38. Any solution for adhoc WIFI on Galaxy S 4.4.2?
  39. Verizon FoxFi Update
  40. Can you choose a different ringtone for alarms as opposed to incoming calls?
  41. New battery
  42. Wanting to recover lost or deleted family holiday photos
  43. S3 Wifi problems
  44. can't delete email recycle bin contents
  45. a reasonable price for used S3?
  46. Part transplant
  47. syncing galaxy 3 to computer
  48. Rooting a strait talk sch s967c
  49. unlocking screen after installing foxfi key app.
  50. Things I miss about the S3
  51. QUestion about group text
  52. Verizon Unlimited Data Plan
  53. Need help blocking specific numbers
  54. To root or not to root?
  55. Android Browser Bug A Security Risk
  56. Selling Your Android Device? Do This First
  57. Picking the right S3 for US and Spain
  58. New update with emoticons
  59. T999 (Unlocked) search frequent service
  60. S3 and 4.4
  61. Wifi not connecting automatically
  62. When do you leave your phone behind?
  63. Galaxy s3 T-mobile no 3G network
  64. Is there a way on the S3 to record in person conversations?
  65. S3 camera difference
  66. Speed up Chrome Browser app with RAM tweak
  67. How Do I Replace The Rear Camera Lens Window ?
  68. Verizon 4.4.2 OTA just installed on my S3
  69. Is BYOD possible - from Sprint to....?
  70. AT&T Kit-Kat OTA Update.
  71. Another SD card bites the dust!
  72. S3 Camera
  73. Black screen
  74. Sprint s3 help
  75. Setting up Bluetooth Hands Free
  76. He's touching me !!!
  77. Just got Sprint 4.4.2 update, no "GPS" button
  78. Is there an official kitkat for the Canadian SGH-i747 ? I cant seem to find it
  79. The truth about Android malware ...
  80. Icons
  81. Need help with contact list
  82. BackUP
  83. Tethering S3 to Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 ....
  84. Screen replacement service (UK)
  85. Sprint Galaxy S3 Update rolling out
  86. Screen won't swipe open Help!
  87. any way to send a bigger video in mms on a s3....
  88. MMS message
  89. Phone Info for Rooted Samsung Phones
  90. Phone overheating
  91. have some question with my galaxy s3 i9305
  92. Many Are Asking: Should I Upgrade My S3 or S4 To The Samsung Galaxy S5?
  93. Battery drain, tried to find why.
  94. Firmware update to stop the DELAY!
  95. How to send pictures by google mail from one phone to another samsung S-3
  96. CONGRATULATIONS!! JeanLouis33 is the April 2014 Spotlight Member of the Month
  97. S3 Volume Drop Issue
  98. Notifications
  99. anti virus and malware bites on a s3 phone or.....
  100. unfortunately, samsung keyboard has stopped. - After Upgrade to Android 4.3
  101. Adding pictures to contacts
  102. Lost the microphone icon on my text keyboard
  103. Galaxy 3 screen turned black then bright pink
  104. Reminder for those keeping their S3 or S4-Factory Reset for a Perk-Up
  105. Does Galaxy S3 limit number of contacts?
  106. Possible to factory reset without screen?
  107. musics on S3 or iPod?
  108. 2 New Phones NO WIFI CALLING !!!
  109. Got to be something better than S Voice
  110. messaging
  111. Deleting Voice Mail
  113. "invalid email address format" message
  114. Getting all messages to go through my "bluetooth"
  115. Keeping my stock rom after rooting.
  116. Spritz...Read Faster
  117. Problem: black screen, cell does not unlock, only led illuminates
  118. Intermittent stereo through headphone
  119. Possible To Turn Off Time?
  120. HELP! Is it my screen or my motherboard?!?
  121. Memory
  122. Printing contact list?
  123. Ready to update to 4.3 - still lots of bugs?
  124. Unlocking a T-Mobile GS3 T999 and T999L?
  125. How do I put pics of my phone up?
  126. dslv_state.txt
  127. What the......?
  128. Custom Unlock screen at start up !
  129. Firmware upgrade encountered as issue
  130. No call recording apps work. Please help!
  131. Spare parts
  132. How to use a GS3 from one carrier on another.
  133. Menu button binding?
  134. Stock message app going to oldest message.
  135. Which GPS app to use
  136. Cannot see stream video
  137. Am I cursed? S3 charging slow.
  138. I need to backup my Samsung Galaxy S4 SMS messages to PC
  139. Samsung mega?
  140. S3 Warranty?
  141. Galaxy S3 Firmware Upgrade - Lost Photographs
  142. Took update by accident
  143. 4.3/keyboard issues
  144. Best Screen Glass Lens replacement for S3
  145. My 2 year adventure of flashing ROMs on my Verizon SG3
  146. When at a web site I cannot open a link on my S3 w/4.3
  147. Getting worried - still no 4.3 update..
  148. Screen Rotation
  149. Can't remove lock screen on my S3 w/4.3
  150. Amazon Giving out a $5 credit
  151. My S3 seems to be bricked
  152. Kies 3.0 not working with Outlook 2010
  153. VZW 4.3 = Now Camera Flash Goes on when getting incoming call!! HUH??
  154. Excel spread sheet on my home screen
  155. Galaxy S3 super slow since 4.3 update
  156. Update Messed Up My S3..HELP?!
  157. Anyone heard of or used this place?
  158. Using Bluetooth for Security
  159. phone boredom used to be expensive until i discovered Samsung and adroid
  160. Verizon 4.3 update arrived
  161. Swiping to answer a call sends it to VM
  162. system update yesterday, now wacky behavior
  163. SE for Android?
  164. Still no 4.3?
  165. phone contacts and messaging contacts
  166. Battery Drain!!
  167. SD card question
  168. RAM usage varies from 400mb to 700mb right after boot?
  169. Voice dialing question
  170. My S3 is slow
  171. Changing sounds not working
  172. Is there a way to get my calendarappointments on my home screen?
  173. No boot up but shows logo over and over again
  174. OLED Screen question
  175. Oddities with 4.3 update
  176. Factory reset questions
  177. 4.3
  178. S5 - rumors - and nothing but ...
  179. Kit kat
  180. Kickstarter project "Pressy"
  181. Qualcom 805 processor just around the corner.
  182. System language keeps changing
  183. lost my s3 for 3 days:(
  184. Google Experience Launcher
  185. Latest possible OS for SGS 3?
  186. Just updated my phone, still the old version?
  187. What exactly is so bad about Kies?
  188. Straighttalk - poor internet connectivity
  189. Titanium Backup and Switching Roms
  190. Best way to backup SGS3
  191. my bad S3 original battery
  192. Go back "key" hesitation
  193. Smilies
  194. Email or Download Text Thread
  195. Help! My "unfortunately, apps...has stopped"
  196. SD card compatibility
  197. Sync error?
  198. Tap tap your screen off just like the LG G2!!!!
  199. Printers
  200. The end of the road
  201. Ubuntu for smartphones?
  202. Android 4.4 UI leaked pictures
  203. touch screen activates in pocket when receiving a call or text when wearing earbuds
  204. More wifi issues
  205. Samsung Galaxy S3 1747
  206. importing email contacts
  207. voice recorder files
  208. Deleting Multiple Calls and messages
  209. Gallery
  210. Yahoo email sync
  211. Nubie has screen brightness question
  212. WiFi working fine BUT...........
  213. games/battery last
  214. Google Wallet (US) - Sept'2013
  215. Dropped my S3, got a screen replacement, doesn't feel the same :(
  216. Will s3 i9305 lcd work on my s3 i9300?
  217. HTTP Error Code 302!! WT?
  218. Google Navigation issues
  219. newbie needs help updating S3 software
  220. How's your reception at Sporting Events?
  221. Tizen
  222. voip
  223. Issue with Jelly Beans ROM
  224. Zero folder.....
  225. Phone showing wrong GPS location, phone hacked?
  226. Image/video recovery (undeletion?)
  227. Add me to the broken screen crowd :-(
  228. Does it need unlocking?
  229. difference between digitizer and lcd?
  230. Select input method....
  231. "Insufficient storage available"
  232. Help b4 buying new lcd.
  233. Samsung S3 Kingston 64GB MicroSD Issues
  234. Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away, Chinese S3.
  235. Locking apps on the s3
  236. Where do I find the Model Code on my S3
  237. Drop down menu screen
  238. Text help please
  239. s3 microphone problems
  240. Detaching apps from Market
  241. Battery discharges quickly ONLY when used away from home
  242. caliculator in the mobile giving erratic answers
  243. New phone for my wife?
  244. Network mode missing
  245. My GS3 is now displaying images to my TV
  246. ntelos rom
  247. Lost 2 functions
  248. Changing SIM card on the phone
  249. Want to get rid of Rogers icons
  250. Screen capture function in S3?