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  10. Android 4.4 is KitKat
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  13. Cerberus is free today!! (new accounts only)
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  16. [I9300] Samsung Galaxy S3 ZSEMA1 uses ODIN to flash JB 4.1.2
  17. Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Sony Xperia Z: 5 Features of Sony’s Smartphone That Beat GS3
  18. Google #1 place to work
  19. Sammy Sells Over 100M GS3's
  20. Galaxy S4 With S-Pen Release Date Set For April?
  21. Samsung Galaxy Premier: 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED, 8MP Camera, GS III Styling
  22. JB Is On The Way To The US
  23. Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update begins August 31
  24. Bad News for the SGS3 Vrz owners...
  25. Android Army: US soldiers to leverage portable battlefield network and smartphones
  26. Jellybean features
  27. Samsung Galaxy S3 Enterprise Edition?
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  29. Samsung's Training Videos for the Galaxy S III Part 1
  30. Apple v Samsung news
  31. SGS3 Accessories Videos
  32. Free Eurosport for S3 only
  33. Pebble Blue UK release date
  34. SG III Arrives in Thailand June 12th
  35. IPv6 lands today, do you copy?
  36. Samsung Starts ITunes Rival To Draw Smartphone Shoppers
  37. Major European Roll-out Getting Underway
  38. Fun vid S3 review
  39. Another thorough review, from The Telegraph
  40. Kick'in iPhone's butt...but that was quite easy..
  41. Picture and news of the USA 4G LTE version.
  42. Samsung Galaxy S III shows in Best Buy Canada leak due June 20th
  43. Samsung Galaxy S3 beats iPhone 4S as most pre-ordered gadget in history...
  44. Green Light for Google to Purchase Motorola Mobility.
  45. How many people does it take to make 9 million Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphones?
  46. Nine Million Pre-Orers for the SG3!
  47. Galaxy S III now available for pre order in the UK from Vodafone/O2/Three
  48. Samsung Galaxy S3 Trounces iPhone 4S, HTC One X In Benchmarks
  49. CNET News Crave Camera megapixels: Why more isn't always better (Smartphones Unlocked
  50. [Press Release] Samsung Introduces the GALAXY S III