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  1. How To Root GT-I9305T Without PC ?
  2. Newbie Question: What need to be carrier-specific?
  3. Lollipop 5.0 is here! (kinda)
  4. Issuing while re flashing Beanstown 23 ROM
  5. Empire war & Hero return
  6. how much room do you have after rom install?
  7. Pin lock on phone
  8. Installing stock android on S3
  9. need to stop vzw ota update
  10. S3 SCH-I535 4.3 Root
  11. Flashify Is The Easiest Way To Flash Recoveries and Other Images Without a PC
  12. Unable to get into recovery mode due to Verizon. Please help
  13. [GUIDE] Softkeys on your S3
  14. Problem at use camera video mode after flashed DSP Manager
  15. How to change firmware on a South African S3
  16. CyanogenMod Installer
  17. samsung usb/blueooth modem dial-up modem... HyperTerminal
  18. Ntelos Support?
  19. Screwed up
  20. Funny question coming from me...
  21. CRT Screen Off/On Animations for the GS3???
  22. Internal pictures of the S3
  23. help me
  24. Root for Virgin Mobile S3?
  25. Google Wallet not working
  26. Odin doesn't detect my phone
  27. help rooting
  28. rooting help to hack and other things
  29. TWRP problems
  30. CM10.1 VS UltimaRom
  31. Galaxy S3 Random Tilt Noise
  32. 4.2.2 d2vzw Roms questions
  33. Looking for the Verizon gs3 4.1.2 stock Kernel
  34. HELP ROOT Cricket Samsung Galaxy S3 (SCH-R530C, I believe)
  35. Rooting for dummies!
  36. please help me root my phone got a s3 for us cellular sch-R530u
  37. disabling dual panel
  38. Flashoholics unite
  39. Screen Shots without rooting...?
  40. Question: Kernals
  41. HELP! ultra bricked while trying to root?
  42. Updating a flashed gs3 to new firmware
  43. Android Command Line Tools Package
  44. BootTools Native Compile
  45. Rooting my S3 on my mac
  46. What am I doing wrong / missing? Trying to flash AOKP or CM...
  47. How to root my SGH-1747M samsung galaxy s3
  48. [I9300] Galaxy S III Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean LEAKED firmware
  49. [q] 4.2 sd card swap script?
  50. [Q] Verizon i535 that was flashed somehow for nTelos, want it on verizon
  51. Clockwordmod folder is consuming half my storage
  52. Is it hard to remove jellybean from a galaxy s3 (AT&T) and restore it to ics?
  53. Any way to change the Wi-Fi Device name and MAC address on the S3?
  54. After flashing something, have you been stuck in roaming?
  55. That darn stock messaging app... trying to replace with CM's
  56. Cool Bootloader
  57. New JB 4.2 ROMS With Multi User Multi Window Support
  58. Brick warning
  59. cant r00t
  60. Remove the E911 icon
  61. Samsung Galaxy S3 Unified Toolkit V7.0
  62. (kernel) ktoonsez kt747 US CELLULAR
  63. Triangle Away Questions - i535
  64. Verizon Galaxy S3 - After fresh ROM install, won't activate
  65. Verizon Wireless GS3 flashed clockwork recovery, but it only loads stock recovery :(
  66. Best VzW GS3 Jelly Bean ROM for wifi-tethering + IMAP compatible email app
  67. Is it possible to Root a VZW S3 4.1.1 without losing any of my data or wiping?
  68. [APP] Mobile Odin
  69. 4.1 Root (Verizon)?
  70. [MOD] Add Custom Bootanimation to any ROM (Bootanimation4U)
  71. Is a physical microSD card neccessary to root phone?
  72. Allshare cast
  73. First time rooters check this out
  74. Deleting email contact logs on rooted S3?
  75. HX Camera Mod
  76. battery icon color
  77. Need help in rooting...
  78. [HACK] Root Transmission Roots Other Devices Using Your Phone
  79. USB Tethering without Apps
  80. Setcpu, cpu tuner, juice defender, etc at the same time?
  81. Rom installation aborted
  82. Vz GS3, if I root, will that require re-entry of all my accounts, etc.
  83. help me someone please
  84. WiFi Tether (with root)
  85. Question about rooting
  86. so im looking into this android thing.
  87. Stuck in 3G
  88. international version in us? or dual core good enough?
  89. Available Basebands and Recommendations
  90. change device name that shows up on wireless router
  91. Fort Lauderdale Root
  92. Tethering Image/Video Quality Reduction (Sprint)
  93. Easier way to restore data after flashing
  94. Titanium Backup Question
  95. Most Reliable ROM? How to Flash New ROM?
  96. Is there a way to unbrick on a Mac?
  97. [GUIDE] Unbrick / Restore Your Galaxy S3 back to 100% Stock
  98. Making Lock Screen "Transparent"
  99. Two things: glitch in jb and where to go from here
  100. Download ALL Apps, Games FREE
  101. downgrade from jb to ics
  102. Recovery with ez recovery
  103. Help rooting verizon s3
  104. Camera app 4.2 with photo sphere
  105. Nandroid naming question
  106. AOKP V5 Released For Most 9300's
  107. MMS on verizon samsung galaxy S3 on straight talk
  108. recover-from-boot ...help!
  109. Quick Recovery question
  110. Hardware ID Missing and rooting?
  111. Turn Your VZW S3 Into A World Phone
  112. Dual Boot Your I9300
  113. Issues Rooting
  114. Init.d Support For Any Rooted Phone
  115. Couple questions for all of you who root...
  116. Removing Verizon stock toggle bar
  117. Vibration Mod
  118. If You Are VZ Rooted and Want To Checkout JB 4.11 Check This ROM
  119. Binary Count: 3 HELP!
  120. cdma into gsm?
  121. How long should a CWM backup take?
  122. TWRP Now Available
  123. Yep, 'nuther new guy with some o' them Rootin questions.... (please help)
  124. New To SG3
  125. Rooting the SCH-R530U (U.S. Cellular)
  126. Cwm
  127. Samsung flash counter?
  128. IMEI ? What I need to know
  129. How to test if Verizon Bootloader is Unlocked?
  130. [REQ] Scrolling Wallpaper VZW Stock ROM (ROOTED)
  131. Help with boot animation sound
  132. a little problem with rooting
  133. What do I do ?
  134. Simple and educational app to define root, why gain root and how to check root!
  135. New to Sammy. Questions about root.
  136. ClockworkMod Touch
  137. [TWEAK/MOD] Pΐʍp ʍӳ Röʍ by Androguide.fr [Working on any Device][AROMA][WIP]
  138. Got a Problem... Stuck in Bootloop
  139. rooting an S3 purchased in S. Korea
  140. Root or no?
  141. List of Games
  142. Remove clock completely from notification bar?
  143. [Guide] How To Root & [LIST] All ROM / Kernel Development [VZW / SCH-I535]
  144. Transfering old apps to new phone???
  145. correct order for rooting.
  146. PA v1.992
  147. Titanium Pro Question
  148. Noob to kernel flashing need ?s answered
  149. With having unsecure boot loader is it now possible to change s3 boot logo?
  150. Weak WIFI / Data Signal PA JB 4.1.1
  151. What to do if I don`t like the ROM i load?
  152. Rooted phone now I'm looking for a custom recovery?
  153. Where Is My Backup File?
  154. Question About Freezing FWUpgrade
  155. Ext SD card mount during recovery?
  156. Capacitive Buttons Disabled In CM10 Mod On International Samsung Galaxy S III
  157. Anybody can direct me on how to get ClockWork Recovery?
  158. When rooting..what happens?
  159. Tried To Root But Keeps Failing
  160. [Backup] QPST Backup of your NV data (IMEI) US Variants
  161. Whats the best ROM and kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S3
  162. need help asap
  163. HELPPPP!!! Samsung Galaxy S3 SPRINT SPH-L710
  164. Skip SIM Activation
  165. [Guide] Changing System Icons Using Ninjamorph
  166. Where is the voicemail icon?
  167. Rooting a canadian Telus phone?
  168. [MOD/SCRIPT]CPU Editor SGS3 Edition - Secret to Die Hard Battery
  169. jelly bean gone wrong
  170. Jelly Bean!
  171. Cpu settings? Set cpu?
  172. Backup Issues
  173. One Percent Battery Icon
  174. Anyone uising TWRP recovery on their sgs3?
  175. Need some hand holding before flashing ROM
  176. Most of ICS sounds for SIII
  177. iPhone unlock and lock sound for android
  178. Samsung Galaxy S II tap sound for the III
  179. [Info] Easiest way to root/recovery/unlock Verizon GSIII (d2vzw / SCH-I535)
  180. EFS Backup
  181. [App][Hack] The Google Now for ICS Project. [UPDATE 7/18]
  182. Stop Home key from waking screen
  183. [KERNEL][STOCK][BETA] b00sted kernel (VZW Kexec kernel)
  184. Dialer off delay tweak?
  185. [APK] WiFix - Fixes Regional Wi-Fi problems in IceCream Sandwich
  186. [RECOVERY] ADB no longer needed [Verizon]
  187. [HOW TO] Edit "Audio Applications" Notifcation (or remove it)
  188. Custom UI suggestions
  189. [Q] Android is Upgrading...
  190. [Hack] (for adb non users) VZW GS3 EZ-Recovery ~ multi-recovery flashing app
  191. Odin rooting failed! My phone won't turn on
  192. Easy way to boot recovery app still works - Hot Reboot
  193. [Recovery] TeamWin Recovery Project 2.0 (twrp)
  194. Rooting before activation
  195. [HACK] Remove WiFi reminder
  196. [ROM] PROPER Remake of Rooted Stock Image [Verizon]
  197. Bloatware on Verizion you can (not should) freeze
  198. Custom Lock / Unlock Icon when Phone Boots (VZW SG3)
  199. I haz teh R00tz! - I got root on my Verizon S3
  200. Root Status for Verizon S3 phones
  201. Google Wallet Warning. Read Before Flashing/Modding
  202. Root Counter?
  203. Root Available for US Phones
  204. List Of Some Build.prop Tweaks
  205. Superfine Galaxy S3 mod upgrades camera, boosts video recording to 30 Mbps
  206. [TOOL] CF - TriangleAway - Reset Flash Counter
  207. Samsung Releases Source Code for the Galaxy S III
  208. Samsung Galaxy S3 launcher ported to the Galaxy S2
  209. OpenDESIGN - CM9-Compatible Devices