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  1. Outlook 2010 ~ S3 calendar stops sync at 10% Loading the change history.......
  2. Screen mirroring with mhl cable to hdmi
  3. Content Blocker legit?
  4. MP4 Hardware acceleration error, frozen or slow playback on VLC, MX apps
  5. Password Lockers
  6. How to increase the volumn on my 3G ?
  7. what ROM are you running
  8. Need help with updating/unrooting.
  9. Imei 01
  10. Add smileys to sms messages
  11. Stuck with the macro mode on my galaxy S3 neo
  12. Screen Mirroring
  13. Samsung Galaxy S3 white screen + no PIT partition
  14. Text sounds in and out.
  15. Deleting problem with gmail in Galaxy 3
  16. Phone does not accept calls.
  17. Stuck on Welcome / Language after Factory Data Reset
  18. Google services chewing battery?
  19. Unrestricted APN setting
  20. Battery use-"device idle"?
  21. Newbie, where is Task Manager and how to 'close' apps
  22. S5 Stucked On Boot - Danceacad
  23. Gmail, Youtube, Play Store won't work any more
  24. Battery has begun to drain fast
  25. Q: How do I disable the GPS function, and make sure it STAYS disabled?
  26. My galaxy s3 won't turn on neither charge after 1 year?!
  27. Deleting photos from Gallery
  28. AT&T S3 won't finish boot
  29. Problems attaching photos to Messaging app on Galaxie 3
  30. S3 Stuck on Samsung Logo
  31. SPH-L710 (Virgin Mobile; no Sim card): Unlock, or leave it alone?
  32. Retrieve pics ???
  33. Samsung account !!!!
  34. So embarrassed.....
  35. S3 USB cable charging
  36. How to clear ""SuperSU Installer: Tap to install SuperSU & root your device." notify?
  37. Galaxy S3 Soft Brick
  38. USB port
  39. Delete photos from Gallery
  40. Help with Core Prime?
  41. messaging creates duplicate contact
  42. xfinity wifi hotspot trouble
  43. Is there any fix for all this broken stuff??
  44. galaxy s3 whatsapp backup & restore with kies
  45. Crash and die!
  46. Broken lcd, trying to retrieve photos
  47. Reboot now Bluetooth will not connect to ear piece.
  48. What ROM are you running?
  49. can we make status bar have a black background?
  50. Samsung Galaxy S3 Help
  51. Accessing info on SD card
  52. Difference between "short text messages" and text messaging
  53. Message problems
  54. I am Not Receiving Emails on my Samsung Galaxy 3
  55. Lost IMEI number
  56. The H or 3G icon doesn't show in my mobile
  57. Is there any way to stop the stock browser from remembering search history?
  58. Cannot connect with windows 7 pc
  59. Not Registered in The Network problem :/
  60. straight talk s3 verizon ROM sim card help
  61. Lost gallery files after cut and paste
  62. Wifi connection issues
  63. Desperately seeking assistance! sch-i747 soft bricked
  64. Chrome browser not displaying in full screen
  65. I messed up!!! I need your Help PLZZZZ
  66. How to stop random ringtone
  67. Voicemail but no call logged
  68. How can I define lock or unlock?
  69. Missed call numbers do not have '1' before area code, dial back as international
  70. SIII International version I9300 will only connect to Edge
  71. samsung S3 micro card help please
  72. Titanium Backup & Android ID
  73. emergency page
  74. Wi-Fi is Connected, but Apps Will Not Connect
  75. How I fixed my slow charging problem.
  76. S3 won't stay connected to wifi
  77. Phone Overheating
  78. Not picking-up email!
  79. Live wallpaper
  80. Replacement S3 and transfering contents of the old one
  81. 4.4 update and music player and YouTube
  82. Downloading texts with pictures
  83. I may have soft-bricked my phone
  84. Stop lock screen messages?
  85. Battery dying very quickly
  86. unlock Galaxy to use as camera
  87. Galaxy s3 charges via pc but pc doesnt not recognise device.
  88. Drowned my S3, turns on but no display at all.
  89. Proxy Required to Connect PS4 to S3.
  90. Strange Battery Issue with Samsung Galaxy S3
  91. What's app messages app/battery discharge?
  92. Slow down and breaking
  93. S3 turning itself off
  94. Buy charger ?
  95. galaxy s3 wifi issue
  96. Root Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 Problems.......Help needed please.
  97. Battery icon
  98. languages
  99. Whats App red " 1 "??
  100. Bluetooth share has stopped
  101. Phone freezing
  102. Battery at 59% - phone shuts down
  103. help recovering SMS's from s3 with broken screen
  104. S3 will only charge from mains & laptop
  105. Forwarding an Entire Text Msg to Email
  106. 4.4.2 messed my phone up
  107. Jakelll
  108. Data used or not, Maps
  109. Galaxy S3 Shutting Down Very Slowly
  110. T-mobile S3 sim lock
  111. 23 Part Samsung Galaxy S3 Troubleshooting, Tips, Carrier Specific Issues
  112. Blocking text messages and calls from a specific number
  113. Music and notifications
  114. Double peep intruding into phone conversations
  115. No OS, no ROM, no SD card, and not mounting in Windows
  116. Android still upgrading
  117. Kit kat issues
  118. maybe a virus?
  119. Major issue trying to root - Firmware Upgrade Encountered an Error
  120. How to Turn Off Notifications While on Call?
  121. Recover contacts that I don't think were deleted
  122. My Galaxy S3 constant restarts, it will be that the processor is damaged, is there an
  123. Can`t send photos via Whatsapp or Sms
  124. Camera is all washed out in artificial light, low light.
  125. Simple password change wreaks havoc
  126. Phone booting to intro screen on a loop - help?!
  127. Is there an app/ recovery like safestrap?
  128. Turning off the OS update notification?
  129. factory reset help
  130. 4.3 and custom recovery?
  131. Samsung Galaxy S3 No Signal.. Help Please!
  132. SD card woes
  133. .Create Shortcut on Homescreen...
  134. Entered wrong unlock code..
  135. Not syncing with Gmail Contacts
  136. RHow do I restore Soft bricked SCH1535 from CM unofficial 4.4.2
  137. Recover deleted data after factory reset
  138. com.android.email
  139. Help with text messaging
  140. Android OS ???
  141. Wi fi checking ??
  142. S3 slow down
  143. Exchange Attachment Won't Save/Preview
  144. Driving Mode Turning itself on/off
  145. Flashing a Custom rom without tripping knox
  146. Foolproof method to recover deleted mp3 files?
  147. Phone and Sympatico Provider Email
  148. Not charging
  149. Sending Failed Message
  150. T999L Parts Help?
  151. Baterry dying real fast
  152. Videos on phone
  153. Connecting to Router
  154. Water damage help!!
  155. BofA apk?
  156. Where is my kml file I downloaded
  157. S3 T999 has Data, but cannot make calls or texts.....
  158. S3 charging indicator shows wrong status and keep changing after reboot
  159. Volume control help requested
  160. please need quick answer!!! maybe soft brick/boot loop
  161. No SD card? Why?
  162. Home wifi password not saving
  163. Sim card not recognised??
  164. Screen replacement :"(
  165. Roaming when roaming is unticked!
  166. S3 gone crazy
  167. Check password DAILY ??
  168. how to see again a popup I accidentally flagged as "do not show again" ?
  169. Extreme Text Message Delay, HELP!!
  170. deleting pictures from my phone after upgrading latest software version
  171. Samsung Galaxy S3 stuck on Edge after unlocking- Need help
  172. Root Issue
  173. deleting saved wifi network in S3
  174. Help please!
  175. permanently delete photos
  176. S3 Stock music player
  177. Argh ! I cannot send a picture with a txt message.
  178. Need help MIN does not match (SCH-R530U)
  179. Music players
  180. Photos mysteriously disappeared from S3 & sd. New photos wont save either
  181. Clockworkmod Reovery backup to USB-OTG
  182. Voice Text Missing
  183. Stock Music Player Album Art Missing After OS Update
  184. Indicators?
  185. Rooting a r530x
  186. Need help to restore my Galaxy s3
  187. Knox Bootloader...
  188. Problems with wifi tether
  189. How do I or can I flash a older stock rom on my T-Mobile GS3 T999 and T999L
  190. Temperamental touch function. Help?
  191. 4.3 Messed up my phone
  192. organization help needed
  193. Best place to order a GT-i9300 microphone
  194. WiFi Problem...
  195. 4G Not working after ROM flash MetroPCS S3
  196. Accelerometer
  197. Missing Space Please Help
  198. MMI code failed after 4.3 update.
  199. Need help with MMS trouble
  200. Just updated and Bluetooth won't automatically connect to car
  201. Home Screen Lock Question???
  202. Galaxy S3 wont update
  203. S3 Losing Ringtone
  204. Problems with my Galaxy S3 IP adress
  205. Proximity sensor
  206. Kies crashing on Sync
  207. Messaging Interface now ZOOMED IN to a ridiculous level - Can't change back
  208. Mystery to Me...
  209. Firmware Upgrade Encountered an Issue...
  210. After update
  211. S3 1747M Options
  212. Unrooted and updated to 4.3 *PROBLEMS*
  213. HELP PLEASE!!! Need to extract stock rom from 1 device and flash to identical device
  214. Maps missing
  215. Video Screenshot Button Gone After Update Yesterday..?
  216. Camera Light Flashes on incoming calls, and emails.
  217. Gmail Auto Sync Issues
  218. Need Help Blocking i.glide Spam
  219. Airplane mode
  220. What folder are favorite sites saved to? Need help please!!
  221. old news. .Yahoo mail notifications
  222. Mobile network not avaialble and unlock code not working
  223. The dang Contacts app
  224. Number of icons on home screen
  225. SIII Mess
  226. help! screen display turns to bright yellow once a day
  227. Problem Charging?
  228. Galaxy S3 I9300 Android 4.3 Root failure
  229. Maps
  230. Screenshot to extsdcard
  231. how to browse files on camera connected via OTG usb
  232. process acore not responding after factory reset
  233. standard apps disappear/minimize every time I open them
  234. Can send mms just fine but can't receive mms
  235. Backing up text messages to a computer
  236. gallery glitch
  237. Wifi/Mobile Data auto connect problems
  238. Deleting Gallery items
  239. Call screen lags after hang-up
  240. help with syncing
  241. Trouble with notifications
  242. Can`t Enable Multi Window After 4.3 Update
  243. dificulty syncing with outlook
  244. Camera, propellor 'blur' fix?
  245. Phone not charging
  246. Need help with "Hangouts" on my Galaxy S3.
  247. Updating your phone to 4.3 (any Variant)
  248. SGS3 LTE looking for an equivalent code to *#*#4636#*#*
  249. What version of Kies ?
  250. is replacing the housing frame easy job ?? ? ?? ?