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  1. Galaxy S3 ringtone and notification folder location
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  6. lost the basic phone application as well as the call history
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  8. Connection
  9. Phone turns off when I use flash with camera.
  10. My 'Rooted' S3 won't upgrade to KITKAT.....any thoughts please!?
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  12. OTA ERROR. Help!
  13. I got the new update
  14. Loaded and later deleted lot of pictures. Still seen in Gallery & can't get rid off
  15. WiFi: Failed to Connect to Network
  16. Restore and backup ?
  17. SGS3 LTE 4.3 proxy settings problem
  18. Lock Screen
  19. Screen rotation after 4.3
  20. Alphanumeric Keypad Vanished on 4.3 upgrade
  21. S3 will not boot
  22. Samsung Software Update
  23. 4.3 and Kies issues
  24. build.prop fail
  25. S3 on 4.3 wake up lag fix.
  26. S3 Music player. Stuttering after update to 4.3
  27. Virgin mobile galaxy s3 what the "F"???
  28. Someone help please bootloop and lost efs issues!!
  29. Getting rid of a group text message
  30. Bluetooth MAP feature
  31. Update help
  32. what does 4.1.2 give you
  33. Redownload OTA after failed install?
  34. 4.3 update?
  35. [POSSIBLE SOLUTION] Battery drain from Android OS.
  36. Roaming Icon Problem after 4.1.2 Upgrade
  37. Make phone faster
  38. Recognise harmful apps
  39. should I update 4.1.2?
  40. Stock 4.2.1 ROM - How to Disable Lock/Home/Camera Screen Weather Animations?
  41. Problem with failed downloads and android.process.media (Media Storage app) CPU
  42. how to set up a macro instruction?
  43. Background Data/4G not working sometimes... ?
  44. All of a sudden my pictures disappeared from my gallery, can anybody help?
  45. Redrawing Screen Icons
  46. Sprint Galaxy S3 getting update starting today
  47. Android 5 for the S3?
  48. s3 question
  49. [Q] Soft Bricked Verizon SIII No longer rooted
  50. Rom help
  51. Cleaning up my storage
  52. Restore stock firmware
  53. piracy concerns, backdoor access from Google/Android etc
  54. Need help with rooting uk s3 on 02
  55. accuweather issue
  57. Music controls
  58. Group text messaging
  59. Bump gains phone-to-computer sharing
  60. Jelly bean 4.1.2?? when?!?!
  61. Ubuntu Mobile.
  62. sudden death syndrome
  63. I don't want jelly bean! Can I stop update??
  64. Question about running tasks
  65. MMS & uploading pics via text on rooted S3 doesn't send: carrier "MobiPCS"
  66. Android Browser Error
  67. Samsung moving away from Android
  68. I still don't have jelly bean
  69. "My Word List" gone in 4.1.2
  70. google problem
  71. Facebook Notifications???
  72. Woke up this morning with 4g
  73. UK S3 International (i9300) with Android 4.1.2
  74. Jelly bean update sucks! Please help
  75. Backup and battery questions
  76. How do I get Jelly Bean
  77. Jelly Bean on S3 vs other devices
  78. Syncing Question
  79. Sammy Is Pushing 4.1.2 To INT I9300
  80. jellybean? do i have it?
  81. Jeally bean update Menu setting changed
  82. Getting the Canadian Jelly Bean Update?
  83. Cannot update OS
  84. Any idea when JB will hit at&t?
  85. iBolt does does music/maps but not phone
  86. Email Notification Issues Since Jelly Bean Update-Any Suggestions for a Fix?
  87. What's New in the 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update?
  88. Why is cell standby so high?
  89. Fling your beans!!!!!
  90. Click on website link, phone vibrates, freezes, vibrates 3 times, closes program
  91. T-Mobile jellybean is here
  92. No software update option please come back :O !
  93. Rooted samsung galaxy s3 need to upgrade to jellybean
  94. S3 freezes after Jellybean update
  95. New VZW Update Available
  96. Forcing JB OTA update to your Sprint SGS3
  97. Google Drive stream
  98. Android 4.2, Jelly Bean: The complete FAQ
  99. Inside Android 4.2's powerful new security system
  100. Did aystem update, Now Get an Authenication Error connecting to my WIFI network
  101. Android JB 4.2's Four Best New Features
  102. Jelly Bean - WiFi Advanced
  103. International: Jelly Bean Available
  104. 4.1.1 update bugs - earphones and ringtones
  105. Touchwiz crashing after JB update
  106. i could have jellybean (uk)
  107. S3 Not Starting up after JB. OTA update!
  108. Updating samsung gs3
  109. Kies - firmware update wont start
  110. Kies update error
  111. Jelly Bean for international Galaxy S3.....when???
  112. Customizing the Samsung S3 Dock Screen when in Dock Mode in Dock Stand
  113. Restart your phone regularly....
  114. Curious So I Flashed Sammy JB/Poland
  115. Disable System Update Notifications?
  116. Where is jellybean??
  117. Website Logon Fails
  118. Making videos. Audio sync problem.
  119. JellyBean on O2 New S3's?
  120. Right Align text or display
  121. Can the hard key be reconfigured?
  122. Classic Ringtone ( I WANT IT LOUD! )
  123. keyboard is very sensitive
  124. Jelly bean update for T mobile s3
  125. Custom Contact Ringtone JB 4.1.1
  126. Call Reject while phone is in pocket ?
  127. processor vs ram
  128. help
  129. RAM usage
  130. Google Posts Official Changelog For Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  131. Power saving vs speed
  132. Jelly Bean preview download is live, probably won't work on your Galaxy Nexus - YET
  133. ICS build name of S3
  134. What do you guys think of the new Touchwiz with Android 4.0 on the Galaxy S III?